Herbal Tobacco Substitute

Greengo tobacco substitute 30 gram pouch

This herbal blend is made for smokers who want to smoke but don’t want to get polluted with nicotine or all the chemicals associated with processed tobacco products. Greengo is made of 4 natural ingredients; hazel leaf, papaya, mint and eucalyptus. It has a powerful and spicy taste and is evenly shredded for a consistent burn. Greengo contains no big pieces of tar or tobacco branches, which is often a disadvantage of regular tobacco.

Tests by the Heintz van Landewyck service laboratories in Luxembourg confirm that it contains less tar than tobacco and absolutely zero nicotine. Greengo is, compared to previous tobacco substitutes, NOT more harmful for your health than normal (tobacco) smoking. Great for tobacco smokers trying to quit their nicotine addiction and/or medical cannabis patients accustomed to mixing with tobacco who want to stop.

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